Hey There, I'm Anya

And I design beautiful, functional digital experiences geared towards your audience. I love to create order out of chaos, and my superpower lies in the ability to absorb everything that the teams I work with throw at me, organize it, and create a structured end product designed with imagination and empathy. I love design because it combines both sides of my brain — the rational and the creative — and I never get bored, because no solution is ever exactly the same. And thanks to my design degree, coupled with years of blood, sweat and tears in web design and project management, I’m pretty good at it. 

When I’m not working, I’m traveling, adventuring and exploring new places. When I’m not exploring, I’m usually outside hiking, horseback riding or just taking a stroll. Otherwise, I pretty much have my nose in a book at all times (fantasy and historical fiction are my favorite genres), and when I’m not reading, I’m writing.

Currently open to freelance and full-time work.

You can reach me at anya@studiofasol.com

Brief Messages From My Sponsors

Originally, NTI approached Anya to build a new website, as our old one didn't have much content and was a bit outdated. Anya has been absolutely wonderful to work with throughout the entirety of the process. In a just a couple simple discovery meetings she was able to take our vision and deliver above and beyond our expectations. She has consistently been quick to respond, and from the very first completed phase, the quality of her work spoke for itself. As a result, we then asked her to re-create our other marketing documents, with which we are equally pleased!
— Colleen Marshall, NTI
We've had a great experience with Anya! She redid the copy and design of the Curator Solutions website and we couldn't be happier. She is incredibly easy to work with and understood what we were looking for right away. I couldn't recommend her highly enough!
— Molly McShea, Curator Solutions
Anya exceeded my expectations as she was able to take numerous ideas I had for my brand/website and seamlessly blend it all to narrow down what was most important. She was extremely attentive, communicative and punctual which allowed the website to be launched sooner than I ever expected. The entire process was fun, and I felt very involved. I was confident after our initial meeting that she would deliver what I wanted based on how she conducted the meeting. Overall, I highly recommend her services for anyone seeking a new website and branding help. I have received plenty of compliments on the website!
— Darrel Asuncion, CPHS Chiropractics
When I first met with Anya, I had only a general idea of what I wanted my website to be like. She was able to help organize my ideas, not just for the site, but for the general feel of my brand. By asking lots of questions and explaining the process along the way, she not only made a beautiful website, but truly led me through the daunting process of building my brand. She’s creative, professional, and responsive. I highly recommended working with her.
— Roya Shoyooee, Green Streak Hair
Let's Not Forget...

"Wow, You're So Organized!"

— Pretty much everyone I've ever worked with.

That's it! Now it's your turn to say hi.

Shoot me a message at anya@studiofasol.com.

I hope to hear from you!