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The Strategy

We began the engagement with a series of hour-long conversations that were essentially deep dives into their company and process. These conversations helped us extract the brand’s purpose, vision, and values. Once we had those in place, we moved on to identifying MetaBrand’s target market personas. Lastly, we locked down their own brand persona based off of Carl Jung’s framework of archetypes. Our goal was to find the soul of the brand and express it in within the universal framework of archetypes in order to keep all messaging consistent.

IG Grid Announcement Revised copy
IG Grid Rebrand Announcement

The Visual Identity

Our brand strategy sessions uncovered the core of MetaBrand’s identity; the company was young, fresh, and loud, while at the same time being dependable and a true workhorse. We constructed a new logo and color palette using these qualities as our guideposts and found an aesthetic that managed to strike a balance between those traits. We also drew inspiration from their formulation capabilities to create supporting graphics that reflected the scientific nature of the work. 

Metabrand Old Logo copy


Outdated with an odd font choice. 

FInal Logo Files 01 copy


Bolder type and stronger structure reflects the idea that MetaBrand are the building blocks upon which successful beverage brands are built. 

Big Business Card
Big Business Card Front copy
Big Business Card Back copy

The Assets

Once we were in agreement about their visual brand, we moved on to their marketing assets. Since they had created their original assets with no formal brand structure in place and without a professional designer, they required a complete overhaul. Keeping the brand vision, values, and visual guidelines in mind, we overhauled their business cards, letterhead, social media assets, PowerPoint templates, and marketing one-pagers.

MetaBrand Letterhead
Updated Letterhead
MetaBrand Twitter Header


MetaBrand entered the engagement with an outdated and poorly defined brand strategy, and left with an exciting and appealing new aesthetic. We were excited to work on the project and very pleased with the results. Now, MetaBrand will be able to confidently differentiate themselves both online and at every conference they attend. 

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